Unlocking the Power of Group Licensing

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Unlocking the Power of Group Licensing: How Christian360 Makes Learning in the Church More Accessible and Collaborative

If you've ever been part of a small group or ministry team in the church, you know the struggle of finding and sharing resources. You might have had to pass around a physical book or CD, or send a digital file via email or chat, hoping everyone would be able to access it. Or maybe you had to purchase multiple copies of the same resource, which can be costly and wasteful.

At Christian360, we believe that learning and growing in the church should be accessible and collaborative. That's why we've built our platform with group licensing in mind. This means that once a content item (e.g. an ebook or audiobook) is purchased or licensed, it can be made available to all members of an organization or group.

Here's how it works:

  1. A group leader or administrator purchases or licenses a content item on Christian360, choosing the number of licenses needed for the group.
  2. The group leader invites members of the group to join the group on Christian360, either via email or by sharing a link.
  3. Members of the group can now access the content item on Christian360, either by streaming or downloading it to their device.
  4. The group leader can monitor usage and track progress, making it easier to facilitate group discussions or study.

This functionality sets Christian360 apart from other ebooks and audiobook platforms, which typically only offer individual licenses. With group licensing, Christian360 enables organizations and groups to share resources more easily and cost-effectively, while also fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

So, how can group licensing be put to use in the church?

Here are some creative ideas:

Small groups can purchase or license a book or study guide and use it to facilitate discussion and learning together.

Ministry teams can access training materials or resources to help them better serve their community.

Churches can purchase or license sermon series or teaching materials to use across multiple services or events.

Seminaries or Bible colleges can provide access to course materials for their students, no matter where they are located.

By unlocking the power of group licensing, Christian360 is making it easier for organizations and groups to access and share valuable resources, fostering a culture of learning and growth in the church.

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