Why does the church need Christian360?

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There are several potential dangers for the global church relying on profit-driven networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google instead of having its own dedicated network like Christian360:

Loss of Control: By relying on third-party networks, the global church is at the mercy of the policies and decisions of those networks. This can result in limited control over content, limited visibility, and limited ability to leverage data and analytics for decision-making.

Limited Focus on Christian Values: Profit-driven networks may not prioritize the values and needs of the Christian community, leading to a lack of relevant content and resources and a potential dilution of the Christian message.

On the other hand, having its own dedicated network like Christian360 can provide several benefits, such as greater control, enhanced privacy and security, and a stronger focus on Christian values and needs.

An example of a similar global fragmented organization that has become better connected through digital networks is the environmental movement. Before the rise of digital networks, environmental activists and organizations were often fragmented and disconnected, lacking a cohesive strategy and message. However, the emergence of digital networks like 350.org has helped to connect environmental activists and organizations worldwide, allowing for greater collaboration, resource sharing, and impact. These networks have allowed the environmental movement to overcome fragmentation and become more coordinated and effective in their advocacy and activism.

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