Running a course in Churchrooms using 'in-person' mode

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In-person mode is for when you are meeting all together in a room such as a home group or a Church or community hall, with the videos and other elements shown on a television or projector screen. You, as facilitator will control and move through the elements of the course – what is called the playlist – while the participants may use QR codes on their mobile devices or physical participant’s guides to interact with the course.

[You can view and operate all the controls you need either on the projected screen, on a second monitor, or using your mobile device.]

In-person mode basic instructions

The controls are kept as simple as possible, while making sure you can navigate smoothly and easily while leading a small group. As host you have an expanded range of options to help you keep meetings running smoothly.

Starting from the top, if you look to the right-hand side you will see a number of menu options, depending on what is available for your chosen course. These can all be toggled on and off so they appear in the main window or can be collapsed into the side bar.

It starts with the ‘meeting’ button which, when you click on it, will show you each element in the playlist for that session in order, and you can also choose the Session you will be doing that week by clicking the ‘Change Session’ button and then choosing the Session from the drop-down menu. You can close this menu by clicking the ‘X’ button.

You may then see the ‘downloads’ button. This will provide a QR code that you or any of the group can click on to access any downloadable resources that go along with your course. Check to see if there are leaders’ notes that can help you as you facilitate the group.

If there are physical products recommended as part of your course these can be found in the ‘products’ button and purchases can be made from within Churchrooms.

Finally you have the ‘leave’ button in red, and you will get a confirmation before leaving the meeting, just in case you press it in error.


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